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General Understanding of Personal Data Protection Act (Online)

Amendment to the Personal Data Protection Act was effective since 1st February 2021. Therefore it is important for all employees to understand what are the requirements under the 11 PDPA Obligations and be aware of the “Do’s & Don’t’s” in handling personal data in their course of work. This 3 hours course would highlight the importance of understanding the law and how it can affects the company and it’s employees. Those who are not involved in developing Data privacy policies but who need to understand and be aware of the PDPA law and the implication of mishandling personal data of employees or customers.

calendar 01 Mar 2024
Effective Exit Interview Skills for HR Business Partner

By the end of the programme , participants will be able to: • Define exit interview • Identify the purpose of exit interview • Identify the benefits of exit interview • Ineffective exit interview an indicator of trust of employees of the company • Align exit interview to motivation model • Design an exit interview form base on a motivation model • Conduct an effective exit interview using TAFA model

calendar 04 Mar 2024
Measure Human Resource Functional Effectiveness (SFw HR)

The course will address the skills and knowledge required to measure the effectiveness of human resource functions It covers prioritizing functions requiring measurement, developing measurement processes and reporting the outcomes.

calendar 04 Mar 2024